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"The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Quran and teach it"

Narrated Uthman bin Affan (may Allah be pleased with him): The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "The most superior among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Quran and teach it." [Sahih Bukhari (Book #61, Hadith #546)


Tajweed and its application can only be learned with a qualified teacher. The rules themselves can be studied independently, but their correct application can only be done by listening, reciting, and guidance by a teacher of the Quran.

At Urdu Islam academy Our qualified Hafiz / Qari e Quran record a brilliant lessons to help you or your child learn Quran online according to Tajweed rules.

Education of Muslim children in the West has challenges. Especially Muslim children and youth living in the West has great influence of Western society. The parents try to teach Islamic values and morals to the children. However some parents cannot afford to send there children’s to Islamic School.
Also very few trained Quran teachers are available in some areas that can teach Tajweed.

Keeping in mind our next generation and Kids point of view, Urdu Islam academy is providing pre recorded online Quran Lessons with proper Tajweed.
All you need is a computer with headphones and internet connection. It doesn’t matter if you age 4 or 60.
We are currently recording Qurani Qaida that will provide base to the Kids so they can read Quran with proper Tajweed, We are also planned to record basic Islamic education such as Duas, Prayers, six Kalimas etc.